I began showing interest in acting, singing, and dancing in elementary school doing school plays and musical theatre. Since then, acting has always been a passion and a part of my life and I always knew I wanted to be an artist and be involved in the entertainment industry as I got older and grew up falling in love with media production as well as the art and craft of acting, storytelling, collaborating, creating, and making magic happen on stage and in TV/Film with a team of talented and passionate people.

After witnessing and experiencing the connection and how I, as a performer, can really affect an audience when performing on stage or in TV/Film, I really wanted to continue contributing to deep storytelling in order to inspire, heal, inform, empower, form consciousness, bring new ways of thinking, and imagine more possibilities to the audience by using my imagination in channeling and taking on different roles/characters and allowing myself to experience different lifetimes to move people and make the audience feel something along with connecting and deepening our understanding about the different stories and struggles in society of what makes our lives as well as other people’s lives meaningful and different of who we are as human beings.

After graduating from UC San Diego, I began to pursue my professional career in acting and started to land small roles in small pilots, new media, short films, and music videos such as “Kat Loves L.A.” directed by David Marciano (Bosh, Homeland), an AFI film “That Frank”, “Adolescence” directed by Ashley Avis, and much more.


In addition, I work alongside actor, producer, and writer, Lee Broda, CEO of LB Entertainment, which develops, finances, and produces major independent films such as “The Kindergarten Teacher”, “A Private War”, “Three Seconds”, “Midnight Climax”, and “The Forgiven”. Most projects have premiered in the world’s top festivals including Sundance, Toronto, Venice, Tribeca, and more.

As I am here writing all of this, I am really happy and grateful to still be doing what I love doing. So for now, that’s all I’ll be sharing and you can just keep following and keeping up with me on social media and my blog. Eventually, when I find the time, I want to begin writing and producing my own projects related to TV and Film. Stay tuned! 🙂

Also, if you’re an inspiring actor or any kind of artist in the industry wanting to learn how to accelerate your career check out Career Activate. Let them know you heard about them from me. 🙂

In addition, I’ve been reading amazing and inspiring advice and tips from someone I admire and look up to in the industry. He is an incredible manager, producer, talent seeker, and Hollywood navigator, Brain Medovoy. You can subscribe and check out his website here.  🙂



Thanks so much for reading my how and why I became an actor and seeing what’s been going on in my unpredictable, crazy, and fun lifestyle.

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