HotelsByDay – A Game-Changer to Your Travel Lifestyle

The traveling lifestyle is awesome, and I am so grateful for the gift of travel because I get to explore so many new places and experience true freedom.

And whether travel is for business, for a vacation, or to use up those Frequent Flier miles, etc., there are many reasons why people travel, but with it comes a price – travel related issues.

When I was constantly traveling and flying to many countries in Europe non-stop, I slept in many shared and noisy hostels and hotels. And most of the time, it was tough for me to find a place that was last minute, yet flexible for check-in and check-out times due to delayed flights, to store my belongings just for a few hours or wanting to explore the city I was in when I had layovers or was in-between flights. Let’s be real! I did not want to carry a heavy suitcase and my big backpack with me the whole time while trying to have a fun-filled adventure.

And due to being jet-lagged and sleep deprived, I had a lot of trouble finding a comfortable and quiet place to do work, to take a daytime nap, take a break, recharge, or get ready before going out or flying again because even though traveling is fun, it can be quite draining, especially when you don’t have a space for self-care and rest. One time, I missed my 7:00 am morning flight from Milan to Budapest by 5 minutes, wasn’t able to board my flight, had to buy a new plane ticket for a new flight (with no refund), and had to stay in the uncomfortable Milan airport for 15 hours until my next flight that same day because I didn’t want to go back and waste money paying for another room and for a bed I wouldn’t be sleeping in. Plus, I had to leave again in a few hours, was on a tight itinerary, and obviously, it wasn’t fun because I was resting and laying down in an uncomfortable place – the airport – duh!

Plus, after landing in many countries with little knowledge of understanding the language or where I was going, it was stressful to ask people where I can store my things or where I could find the closest public place, praying there would be WiFi so I can rest a little bit, but mostly, I needed to use the WiFi so I could find a last minute place to stay and store my belongings for the many travel-related issues I was having.

Regardless if you’ve had a similar experience and dilemmas like mine or any other kind of travel-related issues, I’m sure at some point in your life, you’ve needed a short stay or relaxing little mini-vacay.

Finally, I am thrilled that a friend told me about¬†HotelsByDay. HotelsByDay is a day booking platform that you can use on the web or an app without having to pay for the night. It’s flexible, convenient, and easy to navigate and the platform has been mentioned in many well-known news and media outlets such as The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Travel +Leisure, CNN¬†and aired on Shark Tank. See here.

Yannis Moati, the founder, has created the best game-changing solution like no other platform in the hospitality industry and he has helped many busy people and travelers, like myself, find a clean, nice, and super-last-minute hotel at a discounted price to relax, unwind, be comfortable in your own space and be able to book something that fits your time.

And since the site itself is so easy to navigate, you can find hotels that are close to the attractions you want to explore and it’s great for a mini-vacation aka daycation or getaway. You can book a day for half the cost and you still get great service at the hotel and are able to use all the complimentary hotel amenities.

Yesterday, my guest and I had the pleasure of staying at the Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach. After reading a lot about the company, and as a busy person and traveler myself, I could really relate, understood the concept and thought it was a great idea to bring more awareness to the platform by experiencing it for myself.

After my first daycation experience, I highly recommend using HotelsByDay because I was able to experience all the complimentary perks of a luxury boutique hotel, like drink champagne, relax, get access to WiFi, ride on their beach cruisers along the beach bike path which is really close to the hotel, go to the gym, take a nap on the comfy California King size Temper Pedic bed, use the spa tub with color therapy, explore the area of Manhattan, as well as other amenities, etc.

I am truly grateful for the experience and excited to use HotelsByDay in a different city.




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