Great Ways to Start Your Day

Did you know mornings set the mood for your entire day? It’s true! What happens in the first few hours of your day sets the stage for the rest of the day.

If you’ve dealt with a lot of high-stress and anxiety, especially during a rushed morning I’m sure it has caused you to not think clearly, get upset, anxious, and skip breakfast.

In order to have a calm morning, practicing a daily habit and routine is essential to taking advantage of having the first few quiet hours to yourself, which means not watching the news or checking emails, social media, or text from your phone, etc.

Training your body to wake up around the same time every day can be beneficial later on so you won’t have to use an alarm clock in the future because soon enough, you’ll confidently be waking up and going to bed around the same time because apparently, our subconscious can be powerful.

Mornings always calls for a new beginning so it’s important to take advantage of this. The first thing to do when waking up is to think about the fact that you are alive, healthy, and breathing.

Take 5-10 minutes to run, meditate, or do yoga, or all of the above (sometimes I do it all in that order depending on how I’m feeling). It’s important to start the day off with a clear headspace to get rid of any confusion or negative thoughts. Two apps called “Insight Timer” and “Headspace” are great for meditation. Or go to a quiet garden area and just meditate to the sound of nature.

Running and/or meditating helps your mind to be stress-free and lets you think clearly. Afterward, start with some mindset reading and say a few positive uplifting affirmations about the day and to yourself (ie. “Today will be a great day”) and name two things you’re grateful for.

Remember to eat something nutritious for breakfast because food fuels your mind and body, helps us function, and gives us better mental endurance throughout the day.

Write down in your productivity planner or journal three important goals you plan on accomplishing today and do them! Trust me! You’ll feel great that you did do them too.

Make sure to wear something you feel great in!

Commit to being happy regardless of whatever else happens to you today.

Drink an herbal or chamomile tea to help maintain calmness.

Remember to breathe in and out, take in the extra oxygen, and stretch all of your muscles.

And most importantly relax and be kind to yourself.






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