The Perfect Medium Place

Hmm…what can I say about Cincinnati?

Well, I didn’t know anything about Cincy before visiting, but after being there for a few days, I found out that it’s not too bad, but it’s not too great either. Haha

It’s a medium place, for medium people. It’s The Perfect Medium!

So if you’re a chill person that’s into chill things to do, then this is the perfect place for you.

For those who don’t know, Cincinnati is a city in Ohio located in the midwest and rests along the Ohio River.

Ohio River

The city is most famous for the “Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden”.

And if you ever visit Cincy in the summer, it gets pretty humid. But there are days where you can be lucky enough to get “perfect medium” weather…because it’s Cincy after all.

Cincy has become pretty popular these past few years. It’s basically an up-and-coming city and houses are selling really well here because it’s pretty cheap (compared to California and New York). The city ranges from all types of people and places from raising a family in the Westchester area, where you can buy a newly built cookie-cutter house to where all the hip and young professionals are running around in Oakley Park.

Speaking of Oakley Park, if you have a sweet tooth and you’re down for a cute day trip to the best high-tea, sweets, cookie and cupcake place, that serves a light menu and has a British feel vibe, then you should go to Bon Bonerie Cafe. IMG_1738This place is definitely worth it. Everything here is delicious, especially their desserts, like the delicious Opera Cream Torte Cake and they have a variety of tea because that is what they’re known for. Yum!

Since I’m on the topic of food and sweets, you should definitely stop by at the iconic Graeter’s Ice Cream which has been featured on The Food Network. They’re most famous for their Raspberry Chocolate Chip but all their ice cream is handcrafted and processed in a French Pot, and if you’re into having an alcoholic or non-alcoholic shake or ice cream, Buzz Bull Creamery makes handcrafted ice cream from liquid nitrogen right in front of you. Ooh, la la!

Buzz Bull Creamery
Buzz Bull Creamery (pick your poison…of alcohol) lol
Buzz Bull Creamery (ice cream made from liquid nitrogen)

P.S. Go to Quaintrelle Confections S’more Bar if you want the best handmade marshmallows EVER!!!!!! I’m serious, these are the best marshmallows I’ve ever had.


And the owner is super nice and friendly too. The employee blows the torch in front of you when they make your s’more and the marshmallows come in different flavors.



The idea behind her business and the future of it is also really neat. I just love the concept. For a store that’s pretty new,  it’s just so fun and cute and it’s doing pretty well.

One of my all-time favorite meals that I ate in Cincy was the Morracan Spiced Broccoli at a restaurant called Abigail Street. We also tried the “Kung Pao” Chickpea Tofu, which I didn’t think was that great, maybe other people might like it, but they just put too much sauce on there.  They have quite a variety of different Mediterranean cuisines on their menu. And if you’ve ever eaten tapas in Spain, the way they serve their food here are all on small plates just like tapas.

Morracan Spicy Brocolli
Morracan Spiced Broccoli


If you’re looking for a sushi place with a twist of Chipotle/Subway, Cincy is known for this chain called Fusian. Apparently, it’s the best sushi place in town where you can “build your own roll” and it’s better than all the sushi restaurants in Cincy believe it or not.  I have pretty high expectations of sushi since we get the best from the West (coast), so I was a little skeptical and weirded out at the modern look and feel, but the ideal sushi I created actually ended up being really good. And it’s just like Chipotle, you just order, pick your ingredients, and walk down the line. Pretty fast and efficient if you want a quick grab-and-go lunch. Plus, it’s a pretty big establishment here so I wouldn’t be surprised about this place opening up more chains of itself outside the city in the near future. Cincy just made the best genius idea!

I visited their famous Farmers Market Findlay Market on Saturday or Sunday. IMG_1757.jpgIt’s a pretty fun place to walk around and see all the different unique shops and produce, etc. The highlight for me at the Farmers Market was sampling homemade vegan and gluten-free sweets at My Momma’s Kitchen.


The women who were selling it were so nice, they basically let us sample almost everything. We ended up buying the best flavors which were gluten free Blastin Raspberry Cake and Peach Cobbler Cake.


OMG! It’s so YUMMY! And if I ever want to buy more, I don’t have to go to Cincinnati to buy them because they’re an online store. Hallelujah!!!! But I need to ask if they deliver or ship to the Westcoast. But anyway, basically, all the Cincy folks around here just eat, drink, chill, and repeat.

And if you ever end up going on 4th of July, like I did, go watch booming “Red, White, and Blue Ash” fireworks in Summit Park. Apparently, it’s one of the best fireworks show in the Tri-State area because the area is wide, has a huge crowd, has tons of live entertainment, food trucks, and music that goes along with the fireworks.

Summit Park

There are a lot of suburbie-like neighborhoods in the Cincy area and if you come here with your fam there are lots of family attractions, like the “Newport Aquarium”, which is located in Kentucky, the “Children’s Museum”, and right now, they have a special exhibit called “The Chocolate” Museum.

Also, there are waterparks like “Kings Island”, “Splash”, “The Beach Waterpark”, “Coney Island”, and much more because long summer days can get HOT & HUMID! And if you like to gamble and win money but will most likely lose it, “JACK Casino” is not too far away either. I mean everything is so close, Indiana is about an hour away if you wanted to go there too and you can cross the Cincinnati-Covington Bridge to get to Northern Kentucky in just a few minutes.

Cincinnati-Covington Bridge

Cincy also has a lot of parks, hikes, and bike trails like Anderson’s Park, Hyde Park, and Linder Park, just to name a few. And every place in Cincy is pretty close to one another and nature is pretty easy to find wherever you are because it’s just right around the corner.


Wow! After writing all of this, for a medium place, there’s a lot to do!

Cincy, isn’t too bad and it’s probably not for everyone, but too me, it’s worth going depending on what you want to do. And besides, a place is just a place, it’s just what YOU make of it that counts.

Cincy, you’re still The Perfect Medium to me. 🙂




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