Bachelorette Weekend at The Bellagio

I love traveling to Vegas. It’s like a second home to me. I’m not sure how many times I’ve gone in my life but I’ve definitely gone way too many times to count. Most Southern Californian residents love going here because it’s only a few hours away for a mini-getaway trip.

So, if you’ve never been to Las Vegas before, you’ve probably heard that Las Vegas has the most vibrant nightlife in the middle of nowhere (the desert -duh!). Whoever thought of this was a genius! I mean, who would have thought that one day creating many well-known named hotels, the hottest clubs featuring the most famous DJ’s, casinos, amazing shows, tasty restaurants, and much more, would become highly successful and become one of the top places for tourists to come and visit!

And since there’s plenty of endless things for you to do, you’ll never get bored. It’s also no surprise that you’ll be spending a lot of cash in sin city but there are still plenty of inexpensive things for you to do too if you know where to look, but this blog isn’t about how to save money.

This blog is about the Bellagio Hotel and a bachelorette trip. But I’m not going to mention every little detail on here, or maybe none of it at all because IMG_1106what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, duh,” except for a few pictures of course. (LOL). Sorry, not sorry, but you’re just going to have to experience Las Vegas one of these days yourself. 😛

During my visits to LV, I’ve stayed in and walked around a couple of the different hotels in Vegas, and each hotel is HUGE and has its own theme with a variety of things to do, so you’ll always be entertained and will have many activities to choose from. Even walking on the Las Vegas strip is already entertaining enough with its interesting, unique, and strange characters on the streets.

I have always admired the Bellagio Hotel every time I walk by it. This was my first time staying here and because we were celebrating my cousin’s bach that weekend, we were able to stay in the spacious penthouse suite that overlooks the beautiful outdoor pool area.

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It’s definitely hard not to notice the Bellagio since it’s right in the middle of the strip and it’s known for its magical water show too. And when you go inside, there’s a beautiful garden where the conservatory is filled with really pretty flowers.

Colorful Bellgio Celing

Plus, there’s a colorful ceiling when you first walk in and many art pieces all around the hotel that are Instagram worthy, why not come here? And the staff is very friendly and gives exceptional service too.

To end the bachelorette trip, we went ziplining at Voodoo Zipline located at The Rio Hotel. Oh, and make sure to get a Groupon deal for it too, if it’s available, which it should be, just type in Voodoo Zipline.


See, I was nice enough to say a little something about what we did. 🙂





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