How to Find a Place to Sleep

While I was traveling in Europe, these were some of the online resources I used to find places to sleep.

backpacker-hostel-1200738 was one of the main online resources I used to find places I needed to sleep anywhere I went around the world. It’s a good place to look if you are a student or a person on a budget as long as you were okay with sharing a room with a few other strangers. A plus if you found a hostel that served breakfast or dinner too because that meant you were able to save your breakfast or dinner money for something else. And an even double plus if the hostel had a kitchen because eating out can get expensive. Some hostels even offer a common area to buy drinks and you get the fun opportunity to meet other travelers.

Throughout my trip, I even used, which is a good site for people that like to stay in a private home. Some Airbnb’s offer breakfast too.

Another online site I used was, which is filled with a great community of people all around the world. From my experience, Couchsurfing is a lot of work when it comes to finding the right person to host you but only do it if you are interested in meeting, hanging out, and staying with locals during your visit. I was fortunate enough to meet and stay with some of the coolest, nicest, and most helpful people and it can be a great and rewarding experience for everyone all around.

And for the other places I stayed at, well, I was lucky enough to know friends living there already and have met a few of these friends when they studied abroad at my University in America a few years back and lucky for me, they were living in a few of these cities I wanted to visit which was great because there was much-needed catch-up time after many years. So keep in touch with your friends. You never know when you might need to crash on their couch.  😀

Finally, another great accommodation site that is super flexible, convenient, and easy to navigate is Hotels By Day. There is no other website in the hotel industry that does this. This site helps you find luxury hotels at a discounted price for your perfect daycation to relax, unwind, and just be comfortable in your own space. It’s perfect for someone who is a busy person like myself, someone who travels a lot, and is always on the go and needs a room for half a day to refuel, recharge, to shower, to get ready, to enjoy hotel amenities, have meetings, work remotely, or someone who needs just a few hours of naptime for the fraction of the price.


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