My Breakfast Experience at the Hostel

The next day, I woke up early at the hostel and went downstairs to eat my free breakfast that came with my stay. Told ya, free breakfast can come in handy sometimes, especially when you’re on a budget. Usually, hostels serve one to a few types of cereal, along with bread, butter, jam, water, maybe orange juice or coffee, oatmeal, and possibly eggs, if you’re lucky. And if I remember correctly, I think at the hostel I stayed in, you had to pay an extra 50 cent euro if you wanted to add a slice of meat to your bread or meal to enhance the basic breakfast experience, which kind of sucks because you had to pay a little extra for something they offered somewhat for free, and to be honest, the breakfast was alright. I feel like I could have eaten a better breakfast worth the same price outside the hostel but whatever. It is what it is.

Also, no matter how little you may think you’ve spent, everything does add up, so when you’re traveling try to be smart about things and budget on how much you think you’ll be spending each day because I didn’t and wish I was wiser in a few of my spending choices.

And, this is Rome, so expect to pay for things you didn’t think you had to pay for, like paying 50 cent euro to go use the public restroom! Yes, you need to pay to pee, my friend! Even when you want to use the restroom at the McDonald’s restaurant in Rome, you need to pay to use it there too, in addition to many others places. I mean, not all places make you pay but beware of running into that. So I advise saving a lot of change.restroom-1168175.jpg

Anyway, my first hostel served an okay breakfast, but it is what it is because it’s a cheap place to stay. And even though I didn’t know it yet when I was at the hostel, I actually ended up using my 50 cent euro later on for something else that I had to pay for that day – the restroom! LOL. Obviously, I wasn’t going to spend money on the most extravagant meal for the rest of the day because I was saving it for lots of gelato of course, and I feel like I haven’t been in the city long enough to really know which were the best spots to eat non-touristy tasting food. And to save money during my travels, I actually didn’t even treat myself to eating traditional meals in most of the countries I was visiting because I wanted to see stuff more. But while you’re traveling,  you also learn as you go, so try to save as much money as you can. I’ve stayed in a few bed and breakfast places and those places were definitely better than this. So do lots research if you want food.

Where was I?…. Oh yeah, I set my tray down on a table that was available, and I noticed that it was pretty crowded and many people were up really early to take advantage of the free breakfast, or were either checking out of their room, etc. As a traveler, people tend to wake up early so they can plan out or start there day with the activities they’ll be doing so a day doesn’t go to waste. Plus, you want to beat the long lines if you were visiting the most popular places (ie. The Vatican).

Obviously, the other student in my program I met the other night wasn’t awake yet, probably still jetlagged, and so was I, so I just sat there eating breakfast in a crowded room at the hostel alone. I noticed some other travelers sitting alone, and wanted to talk to them but a part of me just felt so weird approaching someone I didn’t know by saying hello or starting up a conversation or asking them something about what to do in Rome because honestly, believe it or not, I wasn’t really sure what to say or how to speak to them or how to meet new people. LOL!  I know, this may come as a shock to a few people I know personally.

For those who know me, they mostly know me as a bubbly outgoing extroverted person, which I am most of the time, but it’s because I’m just more comfortable being around people I already like and know, but sometimes when I’m alone in a new, busy, and bigger environment and the environment has too many people I don’t know, I get shy, socially awkward, and introverted, and most of the time I just don’t know what to say. This probably might come as a surprise to a few of my friends and acquaintances who are probably reading this now. But traveling is all about self-discovery, right?! LOL. Just kidding I already knew this about myself. breakfast-1529243Believe it or not, I was actually like this when I was really really little, and sometimes I am still like this, but with the help of the performing arts, I’m actually not as shy as I used to be, depending on my environment. So if you ever meet me in person, and I’m like this, don’t be offended, I’m just going through my awkwardly shy phase before I become cool, so thanks in advance for being patient with me. LOL.

Man, it was already scary enough to just get out of my own comfort zone as a shy outgoing extroverted introverted person and go to a country all by myself not knowing anyone or anything, so being in this social situation right now was pretty uncomfortable for me unless I was in a smaller environment that was less busy. So, I wasn’t sure what to do and I stayed quiet eating my breakfast unless someone talked to me, which no one did. Maybe they even felt the same way like me and they weren’t sure how to talk to strangers. LOL.

Wishing the other student in my program woke up already so I wouldn’t be dealing with this awkwardness alone.

Anyway, I was ready to start the day exploring Rome now.




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